You can contribute – It’s Absolutely FREE!

FreeWe at often get contacted about what it takes to post something on this website. I think it blows a lot of people’s minds that most everything on here is FREE to do!

Let me break it down for you. The following activities are 100% FREE to do on this website…

  • You can post an item for sale or a yard sale for, you guessed it, FREE!
  • You can post a Free or Non-Profit Event for, that’s right, FREE!
  • You can post any kind of Real Estate you have for, can you believe it(!), FREE!
  • You can post a job listing or one-time gig for the same price you pay to breathe – FREE!
  • You can post a story or recipe for, one more time let’s all say it together – FREE!

Heck, we’ll even list your business’ basic info for Free! Just contact us if you’re not on here (use the search bar to take a look).

So, how do we make money, you ask? Look to you’re right and you will see some advertisements. Yes, the good folks on the right hand side of this website are helping this site to exist. (Most of them are getting at least 7,000 ad impressions per month, by the way.)

To sum things up, we are happy to see so many people getting such good use out of our site, but we would love to see even more contribution from Cortez residents. For example, wouldn’t it be nice if people shared some positive stories that are happening in our community? We think so, too!

So please, make use of this website as much as you can – and together, we can create an online community that inspires with positive stories and helps to facilitate business and commerce in the Cortez area. What excuse do you have? We’ve certainly taken money out of the equation.

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