The Abundant Life Celebrates 32 Years

TAL2In some rare instances, a child comes into the world already in stride with their future. It’s as if from the beginning they have an intuitive sense of their nature – a feeling for what they inevitably already are. The gravity of their deeper self pulls them into orbit around its intentions before other forces can interfere.

By the time, Dyanna Hoffman was a teenager, she had a refined instinct for health, a raw expertise already enfolded into her way of being. She frequented a fledgling little nutrition store just to be near the things she loved. In 1981, as a 23-year-old, with a small loan from her father-in-law, she purchased that little shop from the owner. He didn’t have any interest in living what he sold, and had lost any interest in maintaining the business.

Dyanna immediately established a reputation for being more than a business owner. She exemplified the knowledge she was offering. People sought her out for the wisdom she embodied. She was a living testimony for nutrition and lifestyle based wellbeing. And the store began to live into the new name Dyanna gave it – The Abundant Life. It became not only the local community’s source for natural foods, and nutritional supplements, but also the community’s center for nutritional guidance and healing.

Within a few years the business was thriving, and she had brought two children into the world. Her children became her primary partners in wellbeing. In the womb she bolstered their health by the way she cared for her own. From birth she immunized them naturally – no formulas, no shots, no antibiotics. As a young mother and business owner, she took her children to the store with her. It became their playground, the place they absorbed an inner culture of self-care.

As a young mother, and while running her business, Dyanna went to school to get her certification in nutrition. The certification allowed her to educationally and publically confirm her self-taught expertise, and add another layer of authority to her nutritional care. Five years passed, and then ten, twenty and then thirty. Dyanna’s business doubled in size and then tripled.

The continued loyalty of her customers and clients has been the deepest source of her success. And the longevity of her business stems from the longevity of her own health, vitality, and beauty. Meeting Dyanna has always been enough evidence in itself to secure the enduring trust of those who have sought out her guidance. And by now she has influenced thousands in her own community and beyond with the illustration of her own life.

However, at a certain point, the business reached a size that offered Dyanna less opportunity to work personally with customers. The operational demands intruded into her time to provide the kind of guidance that had always been the essence of her work and success. A few years ago, she decided to reorganize the business so that she could give herself to nutritional consulting. At the center of this process was Dyanna’s decision to pursue training in a modality of treatment that would offer her clients the best opportunity to secure their own health naturally, non-intrusively, non-medically.

She sought this training at Ulan Nutritional Systems, to gain certification in nutritional response testing and clinical nutritional counseling. Attending Ulan allowed her to fully inhabit her calling. She is now fully engaged in the work she most loves, transforming suffering and illness into vitality and wholeness, face to face, one person at a time.

The Abundant Life not only transformed as a business through this process, but also physically transformed – Dyanna added a consulting office to the facilities. It is now the center of Dyanna’s nutritional practice. By housing the retail business and the consulting business together she is not only able to better serve customers by providing them the benefit of nutritional response testing, but to provide her consultation clients a better opportunity to maintain their new levels of health by offering them a place to purchase the kinds of food, cosmetic, cleaning, personal care, and nutritional products that support the daily practice of wellbeing.

Her daughter, a successful small business owner herself and an expectant new mother, and her son, a PhD student in depth psychology, continue to partner with Dyanna at The Abundant Life. Health continues to be a family affair with a community focus. Now, celebrating 32 years in business, The Abundant Life has begun fulfilling its deepest potential – it has become a holistic healing center. It is not only a health food store, but a place where Dyanna can provide direct care to clients, to address the obstacles that inhibit the full manifestation of the body’s own impulse toward wholeness. More than ever now, Dyanna has become the community’s resident nutritional expert, and has centered the vision of The Abundant Life on the cultivation of abundant wellbeing.

The Abundant Life is located at 201 East Main Street in Cortez, Colorado. Stop by and join in the anniversary celebration December 6th & 7th. All the details are here

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