Picky about my hair

Alrighty ladies of Cortez CO, so I have trouble getting my hair done cause I want it my way, and I am very picky… so when you tell your hair dresser what you want and she does exactly that and more you stick with her!! So if you all are looking for an amazing place […]

Don’t Fret Over That Holiday Ensemble

The holiday season has officially arrived. This means that holiday parties and festive events are frequent and all you can think about is what to wear. Don’t stress! Here is a list of simple tips that will help you get that perfect holiday ensemble that you have been dreaming of. As with every other outfit, […]

(Insert Color Here) is the New Black, But is it Right for You?

We all know that in fashion with every season there is always a “new black” and these colors always come and go. Last spring the “new black” was coral, this fall and winter it is emerald green. Have you ever tried to wear one of the new color trends and looked at yourself in the […]