Stay Healthy Through Fall And Winter

imagesAs the seasons change it is important to change old habits , such as diet , exercise , and even attitudes and mindsets. Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy through the fall and winter seasons.

1. Build your immune system is with nutrient dense food. What we eat plays a huge role in how we feel. As temperatures drop it’s important to eat less raw fruits and vegetables. These cool our systems and can cause mucus in the colder seasons. Same is true of cold drinks. Use less ice and turn more toward warming beverages. Homemade soups are perfect in crisp autumn weather. Including root vegetables, portobello mushrooms and wild or brown rice make for a great combination. Baked squash or pumpkin stuffed with sliced almonds and rice are a great dish as well.

2. Protect the lungs. Our lungs are especially vulnerable to cold, damp climates and can set the scene for colds and infections that linger. Taking herbs and expectorants that are particularly for the lungs can be helpful. Some of the most popular include licorice (do not use if you have high blood pressure), wild cherry bark, slippery elm, mullein, horehound and coltsfoot.

3. Keep the nose and sinuses clean. Nesya oil lubricates nasal passages, cleans sinuses and increases awareness and concentration. Neti pots used with salt water on a regular basis can help keep sinus infections at bay. Nasal sprays like XClear are also very beneficial in not only keeping the sinuses clean, but moisturized. Another great remedy is eucalyptus oil. Loved for it’s pleasant fragrance and antiseptic qualities, it is perfect for the humidifier.

4. Make sure the bowels are moving. Constipation is a common problem in colder months. Digestion can slow and the removal of toxins is delayed. A lack of fiber is often not the problem. Many times it’s dehydration and a lack of good fats in the diet. Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning and adding more cod liver, flax, olive or coconut oil will often do the trick.

5. Get more rest. As the days get shorter, slow down and go within. Read, meditate or practice restorative yoga. Winter is a time to rest and enjoy the dark, yin cycle.

Dyanna Hoffman is a Certified Nutritionist and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner. She has owned The Abundant Life Natural Food Store in Cortez, Colorado since 1981. In addition to her retail store she offers nutritional and kinesiology consultations. You can stop by the store located at 201 E. Main Street in Cortez or call to make an appointment at (970) 565-4995

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