Searching for Maureen Sigwarth

DownloadGood morning from Germany,
during my Family-Research i found out, that i have a Family Branch in the USA, the Head of the Family was Joseph Barry Sigwarth, they lived in Colorado.
I found an obit in 2004, that Joseph died in Mondezuma, Cortez.
I tried to pick up the Contact to the Family but i failed, i have to accept, that some People are not interested in such a contact.
But there is one Family-member named Maureen Sigwarth, that i havend contacted yet, because i havent found her actual Adress. I heared rumors that she married an Mr. William Smith and is now living in southern California, and she made her PhD.
I assume, she must be around 60 years old.

I would be very happy if you could help me setting up the contact to her or if someone knows, where she`s living.

Thanks for your kind help
Robin Siegwarth

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