2222 E Main St.
Cortez, CO 81321

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  1. Maurena Sturdevant says:

    I went to the drive up window of the Cortez KFC about three days ago in the afternoon arround 4: pm, my 81 year old mother was driving and placed the order,she said the order clearly and acurate, but when we got up to the window, the young girl that waited on us was very impatiant and clearly agitated, and was rude. The people that KFC hires needs to be people oriented and have excelent people skills,they are there to serve the public,if they do not like thier job,they need to find another line of work.This was not the first time I have had rude service from the Cortez KFC.

  2. Maurena, you just described 85% of Cortez.. The source of the problem starts with County Commissioners, and Cortez City Council board members who’ve made “many pore choices” in the past which have ultimately effected the Cortez local economy. Big businesses such as Walmart that wanted to move into the area and bring jobs usually go through red tape with City council.. Walmart almost left town upon the new relocation of they’re new building due to City council choosing to be overly difficult with them, some businesses never even had a chance to build because City Councel shot down the perposels. The ending result is ineffective elected board members who wish to keep Cortez a small town because that is how these retired folks like it here. Now we have few businesses with few jobs, and fewer opportunities for young adults, most people looking for better financial opportunity are forced to move else where.. Those still residing in Cortez are paid low wages, and then forced to pay out the rear to live in Montezuma County.. You end up with a bunch of rude people who don’t give a danm about anyone or their job living pay check to pay check. That’s Cortez for you and why I moved to Phoenix.

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