Kittens for sale $15 – $15, Cortez, CO

Hi there, are you looking for a fury companion?
We have six kittens who need homes and I think they might be the right fit for you.
Now, as I said there are six kittens four are grey, one is black with a white scruff, and the last is a striped tabby. The tabby is male but the rest are female. They are both indoor and outdoor cats although, it is recommended that you keep them inside for a minimum of two weeks so that they can get used to you; and won’t run off later. They are also in the eight to ten week range and ready to go.
Contact me at :970-565-3288

As for the price , I have two reasons for it. The first is that the mothers of these kittens need to be fixed. That costs money. The second is that people who are willing to pay a small amount for their pets tend to look after them. If it’s really that much of a problem just talk to me about it.

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