Eat Out For The Bridge July 19, FREE, Cortez, CO

264006_250248798325199_4331828_nFREE, July 19
July 19, Friday, is the day and night to eat out for the Bridge Emergency Shelter. Participating eateries will donate a portion of their proceeds to the shelter. Grab some friends and plan to eat out early and often in Cortez at: Addison’s, Antonio’s, Burger-Boy, Cold Stone, Domino’s, J Fargo’s, Jack & Janelle’s, Koko’s, Nero’s, Ocean Pearl, Once Upon a Sandwich, Pepperhead, Pippo’s, Pizza Hut, San Juan Coffee, Shiloh Steakhouse, Silver Bean, Sonic, Spruce Tree Espresso, Stonefish Sushi, Tequila’s, The Farm, and White Cup Coffee. These eateries in Dolores and Mancos are also participating: Dolores Food Market, Dolores River Brewery, Ponderosa, Rio Grande Southern, Riverfront Bar and Grill, Absolute Bakery, Chavalo’s, Fahrenheit Coffee and Olio’s Fine Food. In addition to the city of Cortez four banks are sponsoring A Night Out: Citizen’s State, Dolores State, First National and Vectra.

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