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New business boosts web visibility of Cortez

clipart-newspaperSouthwest Colorado and Albania are a world apart, but perhaps not so different when it comes to the World Wide Web.

Derek Alvarez, a recent arrival in Cortez, noticed some similarities after living in a beach town in southern Albania close to Greece.

Cortez and the Albanian town of Saranda depend on tourism revenue, but both are lacking much of a presence on the Internet because many of their businesses don’t bother with websites, said Alvarez.

Without websites, the merchants do not show up in Google and other search engines, which is bad for business because so many consumers, especially out-of-town tourists, use their smart phones to locate restaurants, services and shops.

There is such a dearth of Internet information on Cortez that Alvarez, 32, said he had trouble finding things to do when he moved to town last October.

Alvarez, 32, said he is so used to Googling that he never thinks to look in the yellow pages for information.

Seeing an opportunity, Alvarez and his wife Monique, a native of Cortez, have started a website,, with information and links on area businesses, local attractions and happenings, as well as providing an outlet for employment and for-sale ads. Read the rest at the Cortez Journal…

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