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Are you a business that would like to get more exposure and sales? Then you might be interested in advertising with us. Our goal is to make this the number one site that locals, tourists and people relocating to the area go to for all things Cortez, Colorado! Look at our traffic stats above. Do you think your business could use these eyeballs? If you do, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

Site-wide Banner Ads

  • Sidebar Above the Fold (Full size) – $100 per month
  • Sidebar Above the Fold (Half size) – $75 per month
  • Sidebar Below the Fold (Full size) – $50 per month
  • Sidebar Below the Fold (Half size) – $35 per month
  • Footer (Full size) – $25 per month

Featured text listings (max 4 per business category)

  • $20 per month

Upgrade business page ($100 one-time fee)

  • Remove competing ads from page
  • Add business description with keywords
  • Add photo(s)
  • Add map
  • Add testimonials
  • Add other info – menu, pricing, etc.
  • Add links to social sites if available

Monthly marketing ($30 per month)

  • All of the business page upgrades plus…
  • Post unlimited deals and events
  • These will be featured on the home page, blog page, deal or event category page, featured page, and business category page
  • Email all subscribers about your deal or event
  • People who subscribe to our site-wide email list and/or the specific one we set up for your business will get emails every time you post a deal or event