Don’t Fret Over That Holiday Ensemble

The holiday season has officially arrived. This means that holiday parties and festive events are frequent and all you can think about is what to wear. Don’t stress! Here is a list of simple tips that will help you get that perfect holiday ensemble that you have been dreaming of. As with every other outfit, […]

The Abundant Life Celebrates 32 Years

In some rare instances, a child comes into the world already in stride with their future. It’s as if from the beginning they have an intuitive sense of their nature – a feeling for what they inevitably already are. The gravity of their deeper self pulls them into orbit around its intentions before other forces […]

Birthing Dreams

Dreams are fragile creatures. Like an embryo in the womb, they require an environment of warmth, nourishment, protection, love, faith. And because they live within, unseen, carrying a dream–a vision, a hope–is often a very lonely experience. Dreams are difficult to describe, and even more difficult to sustain when they are exposed to the questioning […]

Having a “Real” Green Holiday

While artificial greens, trees and wreaths provide value for your dollar because they can be used year after year, they are largely made from plastics and other petroleum based products. And while there are some situations in which I think they are preferable- for example on a dining table or other surface where you may […]

Stay Healthy Through Fall And Winter

As the seasons change it is important to change old habits , such as diet , exercise , and even attitudes and mindsets. Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy through the fall and winter seasons. 1. Build your immune system is with nutrient dense food. What we eat plays a huge […]

The Vice of Sacrifice

Some of the greatest obstacles to spiritual development are hidden in a virtue’s shadow. Most of us raised in western culture have become afflicted with a sort of Jesus complex. Even if we don’t identify ourselves as Christians, we’ve been saturated with images that elevate personal sacrifice to the highest of spiritual ideals. In other […]

Sew By SO Is Busting At The Seams

A year ago Sharleen Odell followed her heart and talent and opened Sew By SO after retiring from the insurance business after 25 years. That’s not to say that sewing and quilting hadn’t been part of her for many, many years. In fact, she taught classes in Farmington, New Mexico for six years before a […]

(Insert Color Here) is the New Black, But is it Right for You?

We all know that in fashion with every season there is always a “new black” and these colors always come and go. Last spring the “new black” was coral, this fall and winter it is emerald green. Have you ever tried to wear one of the new color trends and looked at yourself in the […]

Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery Celebrates 30 Years

I’m going to share a secret with you. When we bought Four Seasons, I thought Vic was nuts. It was a big step for us, to have sold our company in Pennsylvania, sold our home, pack up and moved 2,000 miles away to a place where we didn’t know a soul. 30 Years Of Stories… […]

You can contribute – It’s Absolutely FREE!

We at often get contacted about what it takes to post something on this website. I think it blows a lot of people’s minds that most everything on here is FREE to do! Let me break it down for you. The following activities are 100% FREE to do on this website… You can post […]