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  • Over twenty years of experience in agricultural finance, taxation, and accounting with seventeen of those years as a CPA.
  • Firsthand experience in estates and trusts and their various tax laws, administration, and family issues.
  • Many years experience with QuickBooks and other accounting software.

The goal for my services are, not only timely and accurate financial and tax and reporting, but small business coaching as well. Clients deserve more than just an annual tax return. Budgeting, forecasting, retirement/estate planning, and tax planning are critical to my clients’ success.


  • Business and Individual Tax: Do you really know the person who prepares your income tax returns? Is it someone who took a brief training course? Do you trust your tax software to understand and correctly interpret every nuance of your finances? Maybe it’s time you considered using a CPA, a dedicated professional who really knows the business of taxes and finances all year around, not just January to April. I will assist with the preparation of your individual tax needs from a basic 1040-EZ form to complex business returns.
  • LLC: An LLC is a business entity created under state law that can shield you from personal liability. LLCs are becoming the most popular way to start a business due to their ease and flexibility. Forming an LLC can protect your assets by limiting your personal liabilities. Before setting up an LLC, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer or CPA help you prepare your paperwork and read over your operating agreement to make sure your interests are protected.
  • Estates and Trusts: All property and wealth that you accumulate over a lifetime must be transferred during your lifetime, or at the time of your death. Two important vehicles for accomplishing this are estates and trusts. Estate and trust accounting practices are very complex processes that require a thorough understanding of Federal and State taxation issues. I can administer an estate plan or trust, while providing for the minimization of estate taxes. Some of the accounting services needed for an estate or trust include:
  • Probate Accounting
  • Principal and Income Accounting
  • Tax Accounting
  • Income Tax Reporting
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